It’s All Wilderness

We live on a game trail. Took me longer than it should have to figure this out. There’s a clear and heavily used path running in from the woods on our right into and across our yard. In the winter it’s even more obvious, with the deer tracks running through our back terrace and up the side of the valley. Not only deer, though they’re the most obvious ones to have created the trail. We’ve seen woodchucks, squirrels, chipmunks, and First Reader thinks she may have seen a Fisher. They’re rare, so maybe, maybe not. We also suspect raccoons, though only by other evidence.

So it’s not so unusual to live by a game trail for people out in the boondocks. Thing is, we live in the middle of town. Not that the deer seem to care. They’ve got their business to deal with and just because we’re here doesn’t change that. So we co-exist just fine, thanks, and we’ve been here long enough to identify our regulars. Take the twin boys in the picture, for ex. They were born last season and their mama used to bring them through to graze on the terrace. Took us a while to realize they were bucks until their first nubs showed through. And they’re not fighting, even though rut should be well under way and the one on the right already has his dueling scars.

I like getting to know the neighbors. Yes, I did lose a tomato plant but no worries. They were here first, after all. Besides, we’re all animals on this rock.