Non Sequitur Redux

View From Lock 17

This is a view across the river and canal back toward town. The trees to the immediate left are on Moss Island, a big rock island created when a land-cut was made around a shallow and rapid section of the Mohawk River. The river flows from the right side of the island, the canal from the lock (out of sight) to the left, as seen from here.

All of which has nothing to do with the following snippet. I’d otherwise refer to this as “Scenes From a Marriage.”

He: “Is powdered sugar the same as confectioners sugar?”

She: “Yes. Are thinking of making frosting?”

He: “Nope. Rocket fuel.”

She: (Long Pause): “Why?”

He: “Because I’m a man, and every now and then we have to do stupid sh!it.”

She: (Longer Pause): “Fine, just do it outside.”

He: “Goes without saying.”

Haven’t done it yet. Probably won’t. Was thinking about it, though. In lieu of disaster, First Reader and I went for a walk along the Canalway Trail. I took some pictures and share a few here.

Rock Grotto
North Wall
19th Century Lock