Roaches Check In…

FoxAs do I. The Yamada novel progresses, not as quickly as I’d like, but then I’m never satisfied with my progress this early in the game. This to me is the “follow the novel where you think it’s going, stop for a bit when it throws you, try to judge the new direction, and whether it actually is a new direction or a different way of going where you thought all along, then proceed and find out.”  Rinse. Repeat. At some point the feints and red herrings are going to…well, not go away, but there comes a point where they no longer fool me. The time will come when I know the book, whether it wants me to or not, and it can’t shake me. Then come the burst days when the words just fall from the jetstream of me zooming past. I like those days. Takes a while to get there, though.

Regardless, I passed the 10,000 word mark last week, so I’m reasonably mollified, if not actually content. We’ll see how I do this week. Not that I’ll necessarily tell you or you’ll necessarily want to know. But it’s on. It is so on.

In the meantime, and if anyone’s interested, has published an interview with me conducted by  .  She asked some good questions, mostly about the Yamada series and where all that came from, and if I ran on a little, well, the questions made me do it. You can read the whole thing here.