Progress Update, Part Whatever

November Sunset2First, and for whatever it may be worth, here’s where things stand at this time. I’m on the final push to finish Power’s Shadow. I’m about three chapters ahead of what’s been posted here, and by my estimation there are less than 10000 words left to complete the rough/first draft. I don’t expect this to take me terribly long, so I’ll probably hit the finish line before these installments catch up to where I am. When that happens the plan is to discontinue the installments in favor of me using the time to get the manuscript in shape to publish. That has to be my priority because of Part Next–

Here at Part Next we have an entirely different set of priorities. The publisher and I have reached tentative agreement on the next Yamada Monogatari novel, and by that I mean the one after the book scheduled for this October, which is Yamada Monogatari: The War God’s Son. The fourth book has a working title now, which is Yamada Monogatari: The Emperor in Shadow. Minus points for using the word “shadow” in another title so soon, but it fit, so there. This book is not yet started, and it needs to be, and damn soon, because they’re going to want it finished in order to publish in 2016. I’m not particularly slow, but a book takes as long as it takes, so that’s another reason I need to wrap up Power’s Shadow as soon as I reasonably can. I’m not rushing it, but I’m not lollygagging either. I will get both of them done. Plus I’ve got a story notion that I would really like to write because the novels haven’t left much time for short stories, and I really like short stories.

I’m also doing a slow clean out of my nice corner office at the company I’ve worked at for (mumble) years. The site is shutting down, so I’m job hunting on top of everything else I’ve got going on.

No pressure. Just another day in the glamorous life of the working writer.

6 thoughts on “Progress Update, Part Whatever

  1. You are in the best of my thoughts. I’m so sorry you need to clean out the office you’ve liked for so long.

    Love, C.

    • The odd thing is that I never cared about a corner office per se. I only got it because of logistics–it’s the one closest to the wiring closet where all the network equipment is installed. 🙂

  2. Don’t worry, Megan. We’re not talking about a year, more likely a few weeks, at least until the Kindle version is available. Five Star did the first in the series (The Long Look), but since they folded their SF line I’ve been handling them myself. The few weeks is just to give me time to get the manuscript cleaned up. Getting it into ebook format is a day or so at most. If you’d be waiting on the print version, that does take longer, but still nowhere near a year.

    • Please send out a notice when ready so I can order the kindle version then…. I think I have everything else you’ve ever made available through kindle…..

      • Music to any writer’s ears. I only have a few thousand words to go on the draft now, so the plan is to finish posting Chapter 13 and probably put up Chapter 14 while I’m preparing the ebook. I’ll keep the initial price low so that those who’ve been following the book here will get a chance to get the rest without–I hope–feeling gouged.

  3. Okay – understood – would you consider – if you are going to stop on the weekly postings – offering to sell us to the right to go ahead and read to the end of the first draft? Not sure how you’d do it – but I hate to leave Marta and Sela hanging in my mind for the year or so it will take you to actually publish it…..

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