Almost Normal, For Outlying Values of Normal

New Desk

New Desk

After over four months working off of a folding card table, I finally have a new desk. Carol found it online, a discontinued model for a ridiculously low price, and I only had to argue with the instructions once while I was putting it together. While it’s not my normal style–I have a style? Sort of. I lean more toward Mission and Arts & Crafts–I’m frankly not that picky when push comes to pen. Give me a good working surface with a bit of storage and I’m happy. Plus I managed almost 2000 words on my first writing session on the new equipment. I score that both a good omen and a solid win. Just don’t expect the desk to continue looking this neat. When it comes to my work space and library, I don’t do neat.

Now all I have to do is get the rest of the boxes in my new library sorted, which is going to lead to more painful decisions, but you can’t fight physics. I know the shelf space I want doesn’t fit the shelf space I have. More books will have to go into the attic. Granted, these are mostly books I want to keep even though I know I won’t be reading them again anytime soon. I just have to decide which ones those are. I’ve already had to pack up most of my brag shelf, which stroked my ego a bit because there were so many, but stung it a bit in that I just can’t keep them all out and visible. But then, I was the only one looking at them and I already knew what they looked like. Priorities.

I can see most of my floor now. Once the remaining boxes are dealt with and the guitars on their wall hangers, I can put down a rug. Nothing says “you’re home” quite like your own area rug. That pretty much declares “space of your own.” Little things, but they do matter.

As for the book, it’s coming along, and for those who care, here’s a heads-up.  Yamada Monogatari: The Emperor in Shadow, is going to be a much more political book–Heian politics, I hasten to point out–than The War God’s Son. I sort of knew that before I even started writing it, but my previous writing session rather emphasized the fact. Just saying.

4 thoughts on “Almost Normal, For Outlying Values of Normal

  1. Glad to hear things are getting arranged. Thats the hardest thing to to do when you move. I still have to finish the book/display units I am making. Will likely go finish sand them today as its pretty rainy here. I have a Fender amp as well – in November I bought a Mustang III, which is a modeling amp. I like it quite a bit, although the distortion settings I won’t find usefull. Will download some more clean amp models sometime, but in truth am still playing with ones there.

    • I didn’t remember you playing guitar, back in the day. When did you start? I just started a few years ago. Progress is abysmal, but I keep going. I have a Mustang I, but the one on the desk is a SuperChamp X2 tube amp with a solid state component for modeling. It’s mostly wasted on me.

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