Things That are Nowish

YamadaEmperor-600Normally I like to get these blog posts out earlier in the day, but we had a nice, crisp late-summer morning here (what a concept!) and decided to go looking for a nature trail we’d heard about. We had a beautiful drive in the area around Mt. Shumaker, but a bridge under repair blocked us from reaching the nature trail. We’ll likely be back as summer turns to fall. The view from the mountain would be spectacular.

Okay, back to business, at least for a bit. A reader had already told me that the edition of Yamada Monogatari: The Emperor in Shadow was available for pre-order and this morning I got the official link.  I was fortunate in that the audio book reader is once again the incredible Brian Nishii:

“Brian Nishii is a bicultural, bilingual performer from Tokyo. As an actor and dancer, he has worked with theatre companies such as La Mama’s Great Jones Company, Robert Wilson, In Mixed Company, Fluid Motion, Crossing Jamaica Avenue, and The South Wing. Film and television credits include Robot Stories, Sex and the City, and Law & Order (CI). He also provides lead vocals and antics for the colorful band, HappyFunSmile. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife and baby boy.”

While it is not quite yet the official release date where you’ll be able to find the book in your local B&N, does have paper copies for sale, so if you know you want it (And why wouldn’t you?) it’s there now. I also want to mention that I have paper copies of my own and since I’m unlikely to be anywhere you are, if you want a signed copy you can get it directly from me. My contact email is on the “About” page. While Supplies Last.

Between the novels and the move and…well, everything, I had not written a proper short story in almost two years. Then I was reminded of an anthology that I had agreed to provide a story for almost as long ago, because now they were funded and it was time to put up or shut up. So I wrote a story. Took me about three days longer than it should have, but I was rather pleased that I still remembered how. Also rather pleased with the story, though it remains to be seen if the editor will be as happy with it as I am. Assuming that happens, I’ll give details on what the story is and where it may be found. Overall I enjoyed the process. Maybe I should write them more often.

There has been plenty of verbiage about both the Hugo Awards and the clustermuck that the “State of Short Fiction” panel at WorldCon turned into. I wasn’t there and I’ll leave the commentary to the ones who were. I will only say that it makes me sad that a person I once worked with closely in my earlier writing days and liked as a person has decided to hitch his wagon to the wrong end of history. As for the Hugo winners, they are quality writers and deserved their wins, and everyone’s sincere congratulations. That is all.