Power’s Shadow

A slight pause for a bit of dusting.

Okay, I’m back. I think. I liked doing Story Time, but after a while I realized I was spending too much of my limited time on my back catalog, so to speak, and not enough working out what comes next. Yet despite that, there are a few more issues of old business I need to address. One of which is that the third book in The Laws of Power series, Power’s Shadow, did not yet have a print edition. So for the readers (both of you) asking for that very thing, it’s finally on its way.

Right now I’m in the stage of taking the original manuscript and formatting it for print. This will take a little time yet, because it’s simple enough to do but it’s not quick. I’ve been re-reading each chapter as I work, trying to catch any spelling or grammatical errors that crept into the ebook edition and stop the critters from making their way into this one. And, being a writer, I’m having a hard time leaving the text completely alone. A word choice here. An arrangement of sentences there. A word that I tended to overuse but have now learned better. That kind of thing. We’re talking a few tweaks, not a major rewrite, because, imho, it doesn’t need one. Minor stuff and probably best left alone, only I can’t help myself.

I’m about a quarter of the way through, and then there’s reformatting the cover for the print edition, running it through production, getting proof copies, checking those…you get the idea. Probably why it’s taken me so long to get this done in the first place.  I hope no more than a couple of weeks more. Regardless, I’ll post when the print book is available.

4 thoughts on “Power’s Shadow

  1. Thanks you. I believe that I am one of the two readers who requested a print edition of Power’s Shadow. (I do not like e-books.) I am looking forward to the conclusion of Marta’s and Tymon’s story. I hope that you can return to this series soon.
    Thank you,
    Eugene Berl

  2. Very glad to hear it. I got the ebook version just so I could read it (I dislike ebooks, but I’ve bought yours of the titles with no print editions). So I’m looking forward to being able to get this in print. And, hopefully, some day the conclusion of the series? You’ve set up a mighty intriguing situation at the end of this book!

    • I hope so. I’ve got another project to finish first, but after that I may be able to clear the decks and get back to Marta’s (and Seb’s, and Tymon’s) story finally.

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