Power’s Shadow, Physical Edition

Now the paperback edition of Power’s Shadow is live. It came together a little quicker than I was expecting, despite the fact that I had to reformat the entire manuscript and cover. Not that I’m complaining. In the process I found a few embarrassing errors that never should have been there to start with and one whopper of a continuity oops. Which goes to prove the old adage, “You haven’t edited your story until you’ve edited it stone cold.” I apologize for any past mistakes, but I do believe they’ve been fixed, in both the digital and paperback editions.

Now I’m thinking of doing the same to The Long Look, first in the series. Otherwise the physical edition is only available from third party sellers, since it’s long out of print. That way when I finally finish the fourth—and final—book in the series I’ll have everything available in both formats. Something to consider, anyway, though I do not want to get bogged down in my backlist when there are more books to write.

On an entirely separate note, I almost had fresh tomatoes this year. I picked up some heritage plants at the Cooperstown Farmer’s Museum and even got them planted in good time. First the deer damaged one plant, which lived but never bloomed. The second was doing great and had tomatoes almost ready, but then they disappeared. Poof. Gone. I don’t think it was deer this time, but I am noticing some very well-fed squirrels loitering about. Oh, well. Try again next year.

4 thoughts on “Power’s Shadow, Physical Edition

  1. Re the missing tomatoes. . chipmunks may be the culprits. My wife claims that spraying the plants with hot sauce, or water, cayenne pepper and garlic oil keeps them away… and makes the tomatoes taste better.

    • Chipmunks are among the suspects, since we have an abundance of them here. My grandmother grew great tomatoes, but then no chipmunk (or squirrel, come to that) would have dared show its face within the town limits. Much different now.

  2. Yes, I noticed the physical edition on Amazon this morning. I’ll be ordering that! Coincidentally, I had just finished posting a review of the ebook edition, which Amazon is “currently processing,” since no one else has reviewed it as of yet. Don’t know how much one reader’s opinion will help, but I figured it couldn’t hurt it any. Looking forward to the next volume, whenever it happens.

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