Muse and Writer Dialogues #10

Chapter4FADE IN

 A room that passes for an office. There are bookshelves on one wall, a motley assortment of carvings, signed storyboards, and framed magazine covers on the free wall space. On the far wall is a medieval-style heraldic wall display of a cockatrice and a banner in bad Latin “Pullus non Est.”  Horizontal files sit beneath the window , and on top of those  there used to be a free-standing rack holding Japanese swords, only they had to be removed because of the cats. The computer desk is on the wall nearest the door, facing away from the window. Beside that is a printer on a stand. In the base of that is a PC and a PS3. The PS3 is not currently in use.

Enter the  MUSE, currently in her Greek goddess mode. Writer is sitting at the desk, watching an instructional video on the computer.

MUSE: What are you doing?

WRITER: Taking a music lesson. I’m learning to play “Bad Moon Rising.”

MUSE: You are not a musician. You are a writer, and you’ve got writing to do.

WRITER: First, I’m not a musician YET.

MUSE: Stop kidding yourself. You don’t have the knack. You know it and I know it. Continue reading