Jesus on a Piece of Toast

MothThere was and is a metaphor floating around about “how your brain is wired,” having to do with how two people’s brains can—at least superficially—appear to work very differently from each other. Turns out, of course, that this particular model of the brain isn’t entirely inaccurate. We do form synaptic connections all through our lives. Some people have stronger ties to the sections of the brain in charge of fight or flight—they’re the sort of people who tend to see terrorists/commies/Godzilla-size ebola viruses around every street corner. Some people have stronger connections to their aural or visual senses and tend more toward music and art. Note the word “tend” there in both examples. Biology, as they say, isn’t destiny. We’re no more slaves to our wiring than we are slaves to our instincts. But they are both there, and getting through your day without unnecessary drama often depends on understanding what you’re working with. Most people don’t know that their brains are programmed to react, they just…react. You don’t have to look far to see the consequences.

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