Commercial-Like Object

The God of Small TroublesJust a quick heads-up: My mini-collection, The God of Small Troubles and Other Stories is on sale for the next two days for less than a buck. After that, it’s back to its usual exorbitant $2.99, otherwise how am I to maintain this insanely luxurious lifestyle? I knew you’d understand.

Something New, Nothing Old or Borrowed

The God of Small TroublesThe official publication date for Yamada Monogatari: To Break the Demon Gate has been moved up from December 3rd to November 13th, but while we’re still waiting (humor me) I’ve put a new novella-length collection out in an ebook-only edition, The God of Small Troubles & Other Stories. This contains five new, original, never published anywhere else stories exclusive to this volume. The Kindle edition is out now. There will be a Nook and Kobo edition as well, but those are going to take a little longer.




The God of Small Troubles

Anchors and Sails

Olam Drexler’s School for Exceptional Children

Small Deaths

Miss Jean Takes a Walk