Adulting Sucks

The main problem with being a grown-up, at least in terms of age, is now and then you have to be an adult. Not all the time, granted, but more often than is either comfortable or convenient. So I spent most of yesterday afternoon on chat hold because my phone had stopped working. You can tell how much I value my phone AS a phone because it took me almost two days before I realized it wasn’t working.

Because I had to make some phone calls in my role as alleged adult. Anyway, after several hours wasted it turned out to be a misaligned sim card. So I’ll have to adult again later today. Not looking forward to it.

As soon as I sign off here, I have a story to write (and other things to write, but this one has a deadline). I don’t look at that as doing grown-up things. Making myself sit down and get to work? Sometimes. But the writing itself?


2 thoughts on “Adulting Sucks

  1. My trac phone has 1300 unused minutes accumulated once per 3 months adding minimum time ( 60 minutes ) to keep active. May need the thing for an emergency — or to ask the wife what to buy at the grocery — but I don’t use it often. Think part may be that for my generation real men didn’t chat/gossip on the phone.

  2. I am bcoming better at adulting.
    About time too.
    I’m about to turn 64.

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