More Yamada

I just found out maybe five minutes ago that the second Yamada story (as in the new ones post events in The Emperor in Shadow) sold to Beneath Ceaseless Skies. There’s still the slight matter of line edits and a minor revision or two. I don’t mind. I like doing revisions. Gives me a chance to make something good even better. I’m weird that way. The working title is “A Minor Exorcism” (spoiler: It ain’t minor).

The first of the new ones, “Uzumaki of the Lake,” is scheduled for issue #300, which should be out in late March 2020.

I like where I live, but being a southerner in NY state has taken some adjustments. For instance, I think I’ve probably had to shift a couple of metric tonnes of snow since I’ve been here. It’s rather like the wag’s definition of a weed: “A flower daring to place itself somewhere you don’t want it.” Snow does that too, for all that it’s pretty. And the season is rapidly approaching. I’m thinking I need backup.

I broke down and bought a snow blower.

As in gas-powered, electric start, self-propelled, metal chute, the works. I tried a battery-powered model first. It was useful, but ultimately unequal to the task. Rather like me. Together with the beast being delivered on Friday, maybe that will change.



2 thoughts on “More Yamada

  1. I’ve bookmarked the link to BCS.
    I was born in NY and have lived in a lot of places. Still think upstate NY is the most beautiful…and yet for about 5 months of the year…
    My wife is from Taiwan and had never seen snow before coming here. She now views it as an enemy and likes..yes likes.. to put on her insulated boots and coveralls and attack with our beast of a snow blower. I’d rather go to Malaga

  2. More Yamada tales? Excellent!
    As for snow… I grew up in Quebec. I don’t miss the snow.

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