To Break the Demon Gate – 2nd Incarnation


This arrived yesterday in a big bag labelled “Royal Mail.” Author copies of To Break the Demon Gate, from PS Publishing. This is the limited edition. It’s a little unusual to have both the trade and limited edition of a new novel out at the same time, but that’s how it worked out. So we have a lovely hardcopy edition, a lovely signed and numbered hardcopy edition, and a colorful trade edition, in both print and ebook, and available in the usual places and B&N.

I have to say it’s a good time to be a reader. Options galore.

The Books Are Manifesting


Author copies of Yamada Monogatari: To Break the Demon Gate arrived by UPS yesterday, so it’s now a real book. Pre-orders should be fulfilling soon as the outlets get their copies.

I also have word that the PS Publishing limited edition has gone to press, and should be available for soon. Not sure how soon is soon, but “soon.” When I have links and such I’ll put them up. In the meantime, we can bask in Ben Baldwin’s cover.


One Step Closer

SigningSheetImage2They have arrived. The signing sheets for the PS Publishing edition of To Break the Demon Gate, that is. There will actually be two PS editions: a 100 copy signed edition, and an unsigned edition of maybe 3-5 hundred. I will have to sign more than 100 copies of the sheet, of course. They always allow a little for spoilage and the fact that people can get really sloppy with their signatures. They’ll pick the 100 best ones and use those for the books. So if you get one and are shocked by my horrible handwriting, just consider–this is the best I could do.

To acknowledge this festive (for me, anyway) occasion, I’ve decided to put a few of my Kindle(r) books on sale. For the time being, All The Gates of Hell, The Heavenly Fox, and The Ghost War are now at $0.99, down from $2.99 and $3.99. I’m not sure how long I’ll keep them there. Probably not long–I feel so cheap when I do this, so if you’re going to take advantage of me, now’s the time.

Edited to add: And I’ve thrown in a few more, what the heck. You can see which ones by going to the Kindle List.

Everything Happens All at Once Slowly

Snow-Jan-2014To Break the Demon Gate proceeds to manifest. One thing most everyone agrees on as to the nature of the traditional publishing paradigm is that everything happens at a pace somewhere between “Don’t Hold Your Breath” and “It’ll Possibly Happen in Your Lifetime.” The exception, of course, is when it comes time to check a copyedit or sign off on a proof. That always had to happen yesterday, or possibly the day before.

I don’t know exactly where we are in the process. So far as I know, we’re still on track for the PS Publishing edition to come out next month. It’ll be close, but still that’s the plan. The cover art is done and approved. The text has been copyedited and proofed. I’ve supplied bio, cover copy, and (gag) author picture. There may or may not be a signed edition. Right now I just don’t know. That was the original plan, but time may argue against it. Since the Prime Books reprint is already set for December, any more delays are not to anyone’s advantage. Still, publishing is like that.

I’ve always been a big believer in traditional publishing, and I still am. I sell a lot more books and get a lot more readers when I go through regular channels rather than when I go it alone. That said, it’s good to have options. I try to be selective about what I do on my own, mostly the kind of stuff that I enjoy but isn’t terribly commercial. I keep my expectations low and I’m rarely disappointed, but It does, however, have the advantage of not driving me loopy.

Waiting tends to do that.

There and Back Again

Bkack Kath's Daughter-2So no blog posts for last week. Some of you may have noticed, and for those who did, I figured I owed an explanation. For those who didn’t notice, you can safely ignore this entire first paragraph and skip to the next. Saves time. The blog was interrupted by the real world last week, in that I had to take a trip to a site in another state to help close it down. Sad work, that, and also very physically demanding. By the time I got back to my hotel room each day I was too wiped out to do anything constructive. I only managed to get in my guitar practice once, and that barely so. The one time I got finished a little early, it was off to a Teavana® and Godiva® stores, respectively, to make sure I didn’t return home empty-handed on Valentine’s Day. I also stopped at Guitar Center to look at acoustics out of my price range. I’m only a little ashamed of that.

After that, it was home to a different sort of worry. I received an email from PS Publishing telling me it was cover copy, bio, and picture time for To Break the Demon Gate. Cover copy and bio time isn’t a big thing. I can usually find something to say about a book after I’ve written it. It’s when they want such things before it’s written that I usually have trouble. No, the thing that gets me every time is when publishers want a picture. And I think why? Don’t you want to sell books? All by way of saying that I am not the most photogenic person I know. Cameras haven’t liked me since the first time I went to college. I don’t know why. I can’t recall anything I’ve ever done to them, but there it is. The last decent picture of me was taken around 1977, when I had long hair and looked slightly stoned even though I almost never was. Since then it has been all downhill. I keep hoping publishers will forget about wanting a picture. They never do. So it goes.

Yes, that it is a high class sort of worry. It doesn’t rank anywhere near “I don’t know where I’m going to sleep tonight” or “Am I going to eat tomorrow?” but it still manages to be a concern. I should be a better person than that, but I’m just shallow that way. Feet of clay, soul of washi. I am, like everyone else, still a work in progress. Maybe one day I’ll do better.